Home: The Place Where I Belong

Life in the south is interesting to say the least, but it is home. The mountains, the music, the people all add up to equal a great place to live. Growing up, my parents always instilled in us to chase our dreams. No matter what, anything we set our mind to was possible with hard work and determination. This rang true for me in many areas of my life as I pursued careers, leadership positions and even travel experiences. No matter where my journey lead me, I always knew where home was.

At the age of 12, my parents rocked the world that I became comfortable with. I had always been a small town girl that was surrounded by a very close group of friends and enjoyed performing in community plays. I remember clear as day, I was upstairs in my 1901 bedroom, listening to Walk like an Egyptian on my pocket rocker, when my mom came in to have a chat. “Your dad has been transferred and we will be moving this summer.”

The girl that always desired NEW, was excited because it meant a new house, a new room- I could work with this! On the other hand, this small town girl that has always been surrounded by her close group of friends – that was about to be left behind. I was crushed.

Moving day came and it was even harder than I had anticipated. Walking through the now empty halls of the home I had once danced in and saying one last goodbye to my group of friends definitely caused some tears. As we drove up 81 to our new home, I did begin to get a sense of excitement. This could be good. Change can be good!

My brothers and I finished our school years in our Coralwood house. We made new friendships, made lasting memories and all of us went on to do great things. Did we have moments of struggle? Of course! We are human and we always question the what if.

After high school, I moved to multiple places. First to college then later to larger cities than what I had grown accustomed to. I wanted to experience anything I could. I was single. No strings attached. The sky was the limit! I enjoyed living in Cincinnati and Atlanta but after 5 years of exploring these opportunities and being away, I missed being close to home so I moved back.

The strange thing about moving away and experiencing other areas is you somehow get in your head that the world paused while you were gone so everything is going to just start right back up exactly where you left off. YEAH RIGHT! I was right back at where I was when I was 12. Almost like I had moved yet again to a new city. The world doesn’t stop turning around us. So, here I was again about to begin a fresh start and you know what – it was ok!

My “home” I found was not a physical place but an emotional one. It was having my family support me no matter what. It was having friends to laugh with and cry with. It wasn’t living in a gorgeous home built in 1901 or in a small house down the street from my kids school.

Taking leaps of faith takes courage. It isn’t easy. However, it’s having that faith that everything will be fine is what will keep you living your best life. If I had not taken a leap, I may not have discovered that I enjoy traveling. It would not have catapulted my career to where it was if I had just done the bare minimum but if I had not moved back, I probably would not have met my husband or had my gorgeous daughters.

Friends, if you are facing the possibility of a life change, do not be afraid to take a leap of faith! The potential doors it could open for you and your family are exponential! Dream big! The sky is the limit and always remember that home is where your heart is.

-Sybil, The Traveling Fairy Godmother

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