Cruising Round the World: One Port at a Time

For most, cruising is a love it or hate it type of relationship. Our family personally loves cruising and there are multiple reasons why.

  • Multiple destinations/Unpack one time: How great it is to check in, unpack your bags and get settled into your vacation. Add to that multiple destinations and not having to move rooms! Most cruise itineraries include 2 or more ports depending on cruise length so you can experience different activities and cultures.
  • Warm or cold? During the winter visit the tropics or during the summer visit the icebergs of Alaska – your choice and all wonderful depending on what you want to experience. Depending on the cruise line, itinerary dates and locations will vary and will take you on exciting adventures that your family is sure to remember.
  • Accommodation Options Galore: do you like to sleep late? Do you like private views of the ocean? Do you want as must luxury and pampering as possible? All are important questions to consider when pricing your cruise. Do you only want a place to rest your head or do you want gorgeous views from your stateroom?

Another thing to consider when thinking about a cruise is who will be going with you? Will this be family focused or an adult escape? This step is just as important as the above mentioned items. This will help determine which cruise line will be best for your group.

So, what do you think? Is cruising right for you?! Do you need more information to make your decision? Contact me today! I would love to discuss the many options available to you for your cruise vacation when booking with Treadway Travel Company.

Looking forward to traveling with you!

Sybil – The Traveling Fairy Godmother

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