Where We Goin’?!

In a perfect world, money is no object and you don’t have to worry about a specific time and place to be. You can wander the planet, see the sights, take the trip and make the memories.

Wait a minute….. roll that beautiful footage back a piece! Can you see the sights? Yes. Can you make the memories? Yes. Can you take the trip?! YES! Do you have to spend ten million dollars to make it a memorable, sight-seeing trip? NO!

Now is the time that I explain to you exactly what I do and why I love it! I am a vacation specialist. I plan as-close-to-perfect-as-I-can-get-it vacations for couples, families, honeymooners, girlfriends, guy friends, and everything in between. Do I plan MY dream vacation for these people? No. Why?! Because it is not my vacation.

So now you ask – why in the world would I use a travel agent?! That is going to cost me so much more for my vacation and I am on a budget. Guess what friend. You have been misinformed! Did you realize that when you book your vacation on your own on any consumer website (take your pick – it doesn’t matter), that you are paying for a travel agent’s expertise and guidance? You are PAYING for their services??? Guess what else friend – if you are booking on your own, you aren’t receiving their help in the event of an emergency, you aren’t getting savings automatically if your booked package gets cheaper and YOU are the one waking up early in the event you want a special dining package or reservation for your vacation. You are not supporting a local small business.

Want to know what I do? What I love about my job?! I work late at night and early mornings trying to get a princess makeover and breakfast with a mouse. I stay on hold listening to music on repeat for 6 hours or longer trying to get a better price on a vacation that was booked 6 months prior. I call customer care when the unexpected has happened and you need to be somewhere more important than a vacation or on hold dealing with long hold times.

I am a travel agent. I love what I do and I enjoy planning as-close-to-perfect-as-I-can-get-it vacations.

Ready to experience the difference? I would love to plan your vacation and make your vacation dreams come true! Contact me today!

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