I’m (Not) Fine

As women, we have all said it. We all have been asked. We try to to keep pushing through the days, make it through to the weekend, the month, the year.

Everyone has their own battles that they go through. Some more extreme than others. What do we say? I’m fine!

Why? We don’t want to bother them. We don’t want to complain. We don’t feel our problem is as bad as someone else’s struggle so we shrug it off as – I’m fine.

FRIEND! I am here to tell you, it is OK to not be fine and to have the need to talk about it. To have the need to seek counsel about why you are not fine! It could be that one friend who you know can have your back no matter what, your pastor, your time with God or actually seeking professional help – it is all ok!

Now, I am not going to sit here on this Tuesday night and tell you that you will not be faced with disappointment. I have faced this in my life more times than not. In times that you are that person of counsel for what seems like a person that has your back and when it is a moment that you need them they shock you to your very core with turning you away. Friend, it’s time you say bless her heart and move on. Admit it! You have been thinking about it but I do understand – it is a hard decision to make because if you are anything like me – you don’t want to hurt feelings. More on that later.

If you have been following my blog, or just now catching up, you have learned about my story and the “friendship” that was lost last year. Let me tell you friend – it has been a blessing in disguise! Through my “I’m fine” moment, I not only found that this was NOT a friendship but a crutch situation, but I also found that I was missing out on friendships that could have been cultivated earlier and they had supported me and prayed for me this entire time.

Now, pump the brakes! I am not saying I do not have cherished memories from this time because believe me I do, (INSERT BIG BUT HERE!) BUT, looking back through all of that, it was always one sided and then when it mattered most it was thrown away. It was NOT fine!

So, back to those feelings you don’t want to hurt. This has been me. I know who you are my spirit animal. You are not alone! You are missing out on those that will support you, love you, walk with you through your storm and will be a balanced support.

Stay strong beautiful!

I have linked multiple blog posts that I have previously posted that I think can help give you a boost today friend! Keep shining and keep following! Know that you are not alone in this journey. You are worth it!

Sybil – The Traveling Fairy Godmother

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