Travel Journal Fun!

Our family loves to travel! This spring and summer we have HUGE travel plans and it is something I don’t want my kids to forget. I started researching kids scrapbooks, travel guides and travel journals to find something they could not only store their keepsakes but also could document what THEY experience on our trip!

Here is what you will need to make your own travel journal! Most of the items I purchased from either Michael’s, WalMart or The Dollar Store! No need to spend tons of money – let your kids make it their own!

  • A Binder – we started with a 1″ binder. You can always go bigger if you want and there are many colors to choose from. I also chose one that had a slot in the front and back to make cover pages for their journal.
  • Binder Organization – Sheet protectors, index dividers to separate journaling and activities, a 3-ring pencil carrier to go in your binder and hold your tools
  • Decorative Paper – I recommend card stock or scrapbook paper. You can cut it to fit your sheet protectors or use as accents for photos. Michaels has a great selection of themed packs and I was able to find one that was travel themed. Solids are also great to have to make your own themed page (more details on that later)
  • Double Sided Tape or Scrapbooking Tape – This is to secure your creation in place! Dollar Store offers double sided tape but if you want to be sure to protect your photographs, I recommend Scrapbooking Tape.
  • Pencils, crayons, colored pencils – I chose lots of color for my super colorful mini’s.
  • Stickers! Take your kids or if this is a surprise trip, choose stickers that are themed to what you will be doing on vacation!
  • Coloring Books with Perforated Pages – These make great breaks for kids to pull out and color. I chose a stress relief coloring book that had inspirational statements inside. If you get a coloring book that doesn’t have the perforations, no problem! Just use a paper cutter to trim down the sides.

Once you have all of your items together, it’s time to get creating! Have fun with it and get your mini’s involved!

This will always be a work in progress and can be reused for many trips! Theme your journal based on your trip or just keep it fun and keep adding to it.

Now I understand we are not all crafty and some do better with the “make it for me” approach and that is ok! Check out these amazing crafters on ETSY for some Traveling Godmother approved fun!

Blue Bird Paper Shoppe makes an amazing 1, 2, and 4 week travel journal option as well as Disney themed journals! She is great at communication and making sure you order the correct item you are needing!

Personal Narratives makes super cute and adorably personalized journals to record your memories and life’s adventures. I ordered personalized Disney journals that I could print from home that has Madi and Mae Mae’s name on them! (More on this later)

Have fun friends and don’t forget- Have a Magical Day!

Sybil, Your Traveling Fairy Godmother

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