Time Out! Enjoy Your Tea.

In the New Year, I have made it a priority to get my behind to church. Long time coming for sure! Everyone comes up with the same excuses as to why a particular Sunday you want to stay home and I am no exception. It’s your only day off, you’re tired, you just don’t feel like it today, it’s too far of a drive and the list goes on.

The first Sunday of 2019, our pastor discussed a corporate fast for 21 days that would begin that Monday. I could not wait! It was your choice. It didn’t have to be food, didn’t have to be social media, it could be whatever you felt would be a challenge for you and ultimately would bring you closer to building a relationship with God.

I chose fast food – it’s a definite weakness and my waistline is not afraid to show it! The more I prayed over it, the more I knew that fasting fast food for 21 days would be a struggle for me; especially with our family’s fast paced life.

So here I am on day 12, more than half way there and I have stuck to my goal but the struggle has been real! From reading this blog and getting to know me, you know I have multiple jobs (too many – I admit it, Mom), two kids and all of their activities, a husband with coaching obligations and did I mention my multiple jobs? We are all over!

I recently got into drinking hot tea. I’m obsessed with sweet tea because HELLO! I’m southern, it’s in our DNA! But, my favorite sweet tea is – you guessed it, at a fast food restaurant and to keep the temptations from overtaking me, it will have to wait.

There is something to be said about meditating while drinking that hot cup of tea, having your moment or moments with God and being thankful for all that He has blessed you with. Not that I haven’t been thankful until now, but this fast has made me focus on connecting more.

So, whether or not you are a Jesus girl, whether or not you believe in God or any type of higher power, find the time to enjoy your tea. Take time for yourself and be thankful for your blessings. Life is hard and times can get tough but through the darkness, you are blessed and you are loved!

Until next time friends!

Sybil – The Traveling Fairy Godmother

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