Keep Smiling, Sister

We all have those days. Everything is sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. Then it hits you. A change. Before you can even prepare for it, it has hit you square in the middle of the face like a brick wall. How can everything go according to plan and then all of a sudden –  NOT?!

You know when everyone says “Everything happens for a reason,” it’s either the worst or best thing you could ever hear. I am here to tell you friends. Things truly happen for reasons out of our control – but it puts you on the path that you are meant to be on.

You have already read about my amazing meeting with my husband and how our relationship started, but I left out an interesting detail that makes me truly appreciate the truth behind EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I have always been a lover of travel, but my heart, from the time I was 5 years old, has belonged to the beauty industry. I had researched, for over a year, schools that would advance my already successful salon business. I wanted to learn all about movie and stage make up. My research led me to an interview and school tour at Make Up Designory in Burbank, CA.

I fell in love immediately! I loved the Main Street feel of Burbank, the school and all of the exciting things that could happen by attending there. Then there was CJ. We had only been dating a few weeks, but the feelings were real. A hard decision was in my future. Do I take a leap of faith and put California on hold, or do I chase my dreams and pack it up?

everything happens for a reason

Obviously, we all know what decision I made. If I had not chosen CJ, I may or may not have my two gorgeous girls; I may or may not have become a travel agent and I may or may not have started my shirt business. Do I still wonder what if? Absolutely. Do I have any regrets? Absolutely not. Am I still chasing my dreams? Daily!

Change happens to the best of us. Some types of change are welcomed with open arms and some you just cringe at the thought or sight of something new. Relationships are that same way. You invest in people, you invest in relationships and sometimes they don’t invest back. You give it your all, your BEST! Sorry friend – NOT good enough. And then it happens – the pain. Remember what I said earlier, everything happens for a reason?! As painful as things are and can get, it all gets better. Sure! There will be down days where you have to shut yourself off from the world just so you can make sense of the thoughts in your head but then a clearing, a sense of peace.

Hang in there friend. You aren’t alone. This crazy ride we call life will give you constant entertainment, laughter, and tears. Every decision you make, think hard, pray hard and then LIVE HARD – Keep Smiling Sister! This life is about to get great!

Until next time friends!

The Traveling Fairy Godmother




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