It all started with a Mouse

From the time I was a little girl, I knew I was obsessed with all things Disney. From the man that created him, to the parks in Florida, and the lovable mouse that started it all – Mickey.

My first visit to Disney was when I was 15 months old. Sure- I may not remember that trip, but it subconsciously set into motion a future that has been nothing short of a blessing!

My grandparents used to travel to Florida in the winter for 3-4 months to escape the bitter cold. Unofficially called Snowbirds, they continued this tradition and I would visit them for 1 week while they were there. They stayed at a resort located in Kissimmee and the owners had a family member that worked at the Disney Parks. They would give us a decent deal on tickets so we could go for a couple of days. This went on for 5 years and then they stopped going for long trips to Florida (which happened to coincide with me meeting CJ).

2012: Madison was in her last year of preschool before Kindergarten and Mae Mae was 2. As a Christmas gift that year, we decided to gift a trip to Disney with the entire family! My parents, my brothers, my new niece, my soon-to-be sister in law, my aunt and my granparents were all coming to Florida to experience the girls first trip to Disney! We had every detail covered; reservations for breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table in Cinderella’s Castle, outfits for every day, and even a day for just adults at Universal Studios! This would be a trip to remember for sure!

There is something about a walk down Main Street USA and seeing the castle that brings a smile to my face. Add to it my kids, and you have an emotional mess! Finally! My girls would get to experience the Happiest Place on Earth and my home away from home. Everything was REAL! The princesses, the castle, and Mickey himself. The girls had smiles from ear to ear. This was a feeling of joy that I did not want to stop.

As with all vacations, it ended as quickly as it had arrived but we had memories that would last a lifetime. We have continued to take the girls to Disney every year since then and the magic never stops. It continues to grow with each trip and each visit to see our favorite lovable mouse.

Always remembering the look my girls had on their face when they saw the castle for the first time, inspired me to want more families to experience that. I have enjoyed planning magical vacations since 2015. It truly is the most magical place on Earth; a place where kids of ALL ages can embrace innocence and experience magic.

Until next time friends – have a magical day!

The Traveling Fairy Godmother

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