The Pitcher and The Straw

Have you ever wished – even prayed – that time would just stand still? For some, it’s the day they said “I do!”, for some the day they landed their dream job….for me it’s the day I met my soul mate because it put into motion things that I never thought would be possible!

I was your typical single girl with your typical single friends. I was a successful hairstylist working at a local spa. I enjoyed going out and being social. I guess you could call me a social butterfly. I still am to this day! However, I was lonely. I craved having a companion. I longed for someone to love me for me. Sure! I had been on dates. Some that were enjoyable and some that were quite laughable. I could have written a book!

One day, a friend of mine had been set up on a blind date. She was terrified so she had asked a GROUP of us to go with her. You know – in case it doesn’t work out. So here I am, making the best of it. All twelve of us. You read it right! Twelve!!! Hanging out at the local marina while our favorite band was playing. I go to the bar. Grab a pitcher and a straw. What can I say?! I was young and it was laughable at the time.

So the blind date starts and we get the all clear signal. Here walks in this cute, super skinny, athletic looking, but kinda nerdy guy. Totally my type and here I am walking around the place with a pitcher of beer and a straw! Come to find out, he found me intriguing! I caught his eye as well – I had made him laugh because of this spectacle.

Now, this was the “era” of MySpace. Throughout the night, I had been taking pictures of EVERYONE involved in the Blind Date. The evening had ended and as we were all saying our goodbyes, I casually mentioned that I would post the night’s pictures on my page. The next day, what to my wandering eyes should appear?! CJ had requested to be my friend! My heart raced. My palms got sweaty. I was one excited girl!  That cute, super skinny, athletic looking, but kinda nerdy guy was officially a friend on my MySpace page. DON’T MAKE ANY SUDDEN MOVEMENTS!

So, we begin to message back and forth. Each message getting a little bit longer, a little more flirt-ier (not a word but go with me here), and then it happened! He asked me to step away from my computer and go out to dinner. We closed down Ruby Tuesdays and then spent more time at Perkins. I know – super romantic – but what else do you do in a small town?!

A few more dates later and both of us knew, we were each other’s lobster. Pardon the Friends quote but it was true! He was the only one for me. The only one who could handle my crazy. The one who could look at the girl walking around with a pitcher and a straw and say – that’s the girl for me.


Two kids, 12 years of marriage and 15 (and counting) family trips to Disney later, we are still crazy about each other. Sure! We have our ups, our downs, and our “Told you so” moments, but that’s what makes us perfect in an imperfect world. We support each other no matter what and I would choose him every time over and over again.

Until next time my friends – have a magical day!


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