And here I am!

I am so excited to start this blog! I am 110% a blogging newbie, so please do not judge, but I love sharing my family’s adventures and experiences because it could possibly inspire one of you to do the same for yourself and/or your family.

One of my favorite things about my family is we not only spend tons of time together but we value traveling and seeing different places together. Our #1 travel destination is of course Disney. In 2015, I became a travel agent that specializes in Disney Destinations. A TRUE DREAM COME TRUE! We became Annual Passholders (you will see me call it AP from time to time) about the same time and it has been an amazing experience for us. No, we do not live in Florida, BUT, we do vacation there a lot.

Jump to 2016, I became an agent for Treadway Travel Company. An amazing agency that a dear friend had started and she had asked me to join. I joined her on her journey, without hesitation, still specializing in Disney Destinations (as well as cruising and other fun destinations) and an awesome journey it has been.

Flash forward to 2018, I began wanting more. More for my clients, more for my family, more MAGIC! I have always enjoyed making little gifts for my travel customers to take with them on trips but had been wanting to do and always searching for something to kick into my creative side. When I had my youngest daughter, Maesyn – nicknamed Mae Mae – I used to scrapbook a lot! So I began thinking. What if I started making shirts?! Most people like matching shirts for their vacations! And my design business was born…..

Stay tuned for my next episode- more on my journey, my family, and of course; Disney Magic!

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